Voorhees - The Boy Who Brunched Event

All witches, wizards and muggles need to refuel from weekend festivities so join us across the bridge at Iron Hill Voorhees to keep the party going with a Harry Potter themed brunch menu and two specialty cocktails.

Headmaster’s Deviled Eggs
chopped bacon, gorgonzola, onion jam and chive oil

The Aerial Polo Rugby Quiche
goat cheese, golden raisins and chestnuts, served with frisee salad

The Non Magical Man

ham, onions, bell peppers and American, served with roasted potatoes and toast

The Evil Wizard
crispy pork, pepperjack, sautéed spinach and habanero relish

The Happy Hippogriff
caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby arugula and swiss

The Broomstick 3(10th)

three eggs scrambled with Vermont cheddar,
applewood smoked bacon, roasted potatoes and toast

whole wheat toast, two soft poached eggs,
ham steak, hollandaise and chives

The Whole Hog and the English Wizard
two fried eggs, baked beans, ham steak, bacon,
black pudding, sausage links, roasted potatoes and toast

Add Sides:
Sausage Links • Ham Steak • Bacon

Pumpkin Patch Pardon

Pumpkin Ale, apple cider and Crown Royal Apple

Fireball Whiskey, Peach Schnapps and simple syrup