Rehoboth - Beer & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Multi-Tap

The only thing better than beer and cookies, is beer and cookies for charity! We're partnering up with the Girl Scouts of America to raise money for their enrichment programs with an exclusive beer and cookie pairing.

8 Beer and Cookie Pairings
Blueberry Bedotter paired with Savannah Smiles
Rising Sun paired with Samoas
Abbey Road Pilsner paired with Shortbread
Russian Imperial Stout paired with Thin Mints
Lemon Witberry paired with Lemonades
Coffee Brown Ale paired with Caramel Chocolate Chip
Concord Stout paired with Do-si-dos
Doppelbock paired with Peanut Butter Patties

King of the Hill Rewards Club Exclusive
Every hour on the hour, we will be doing a raffles and giveaways, exclusively for members.