Meet Your Chef

Meet Your Chef

Brian Steinkomph

Head Chef

Brian, a graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, joined Iron Hill in May of 2016. Prior to Iron Hill, Brian had the opportunity to work under some really talented chefs at Merion Cricket Club and went on to become the Executive Chef at Duffer’s Mill Restaurant & Bar.

Brian has always been passionate about scratch cooking, which makes Iron Hill a perfect fit, with every soup, stock and sauce made from scratch by him and his team every day. With a passion for demonstrating his creativity in the kitchen, be sure to check out the features menu for the latest items that Brian has cooked up for you. He especially enjoys cooking fresh fish and experimenting with different flavor profiles.

When he’s not cooking, Brian spends time renovating his Phoenixville home, going out for food and drinks with friends and hanging out with his family.