Newark - Girl Scout Cookies and Beer

Join us for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. We're celebrating with a one-of-a-kind sampler featuring 8 Girl Scout cookies, each expertly paired with a different Iron Hill Beer, including some rare finds and exclusive one-off styles.

Beer and Cookie Pairings
Prince of ‘Ales IPA

paired with Trefoils

Pineapple Wit Santa
paired with Samoas

Om Nom Nom
paired with Do-Si-Dos

paired with Toffee Tastics

Marshmallow Porter
paired with S'mores

Russian Imperial Stout
paired with Thin Mints

Triple Chocolate Stout
paired with Tagalongs

POG Champ
paired with Lemon Ups

King of the Hill Rewards Club Exclusive
Special 9th pairing for our King of the Hill members of the famous Concord Stout and a house made peanut butter cookie!