The Legend of Saint Bethardus

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The Legend of Saint Bethardus

Here it Iron Hill West Chester, we have our very own patron Saint.  Saint Dan Bethardus. St. Betherdus is a larger than life man with larger than life appetites.  He worships here at the kitchen of the holy Eat-Sencion where he heads the crusade for flavor in beer and food!  Much as the rule of St. Benedict has governed monastic life for thousands of years, so has the rule of St. Bethardus governed the life of Iron Hill Brewery for over a decade.  When not hanging with his  Brothers Basil, Rosemary, and Tyme, St. Bethardus spends his time  contemplating food,  feeding the hungry, providing drink to the thirsty and  distributing wares to those in need…as in ‘where is my beer!’. Today we celebrate the Birthday of our patron saint in the same way he would, by drinking and eating!  

Fun Saint Bethardus Facts:

Most monks make their own cheese. Saint Bethardus makes his own cheesecake, which we think is much better.

The Rule of St. Bethardus

  • Sustenance for the soul
  • Beer is food, the consumption of which leads to enlightenment
  • Strong beer good, weak beer bad. 
  • The eating of meat is holy, and bacon is the holiest of all meats, so thou shalt eat bacon at every possible opportunity
  • Thou shalt not leave the kitchen with an empty stomach, or an empty hand.
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