Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant: Parent-Tested, Kid-Approved

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Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant: Parent-Tested, Kid-Approved

For many parents, it is an absolute treat to get a night out sans kids. Parents revel in the opportunity to enjoy a meal without having to get up 20 times to address various needs—filling cups with more milk, obtaining another fork, getting extra ketchup, cutting the crusts off of bread, picking newly acquired forks up off the floor or quickly grabbing a towel to sop up freshly spilled milk.

Parents, you’re probably nodding your heads as you read the above paragraph, knowing all too well the obstacle course that is eating a meal with kids. It’s truly a treat to consume a meal slowly with a side of adult conversation (even though we know you secretly look forward to getting back to your kids at the end of the night).

While it is nice to have an adult night out, it’s not always possible to make it happen. So, parents are left to find a dining establishment that accommodates the wants and needs of both adults and kids. Where does a family go to find quality craft beer for parents, a welcoming atmosphere for kids and menus that satisfy every member of the family?

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, of course!

At Iron Hill, we pride ourselves on being a family’s go-to place to dine out. From the forgiving acoustics of all of our restaurants to the crayon-friendly kid menus, we are a safe and enjoyable haven for families with kids of all ages.


A lot of thought was put into the offerings of our Kids’ Menu to ensure that kids enjoy their meals as much as their parents do. The Kids’ Menu has evolved over the years, with our chefs looking at core menu items and deciding what would translate well into a dish for kids. Over time, Iron Hill has added healthier items, making every effort to keep the Kids’ Menu well-balanced. With the increase in food allergies in recent years, the culinary team has worked hard to adapt the menu to offer a range of options, particularly our kids’ gluten allergy friendly cuisine.


Chef Dan Bethard, Iron Hill's Assistant Director of Culinary Operations, believes that kids need to have fun during a meal. “I think our kids’ menu is so popular because we have a great selection of entrees, sandwiches and sides,” he says. “Some of our offerings are kid favorites and some are more healthy. Mimicking our core menu, the kids’ menu has something for everyone. The option of side dishes on our menu is unmatched and makes it fun for the kids to choose their favorites. I feel parents appreciate the price point and value they receive. We get really positive feedback on all aspects of our kids’ menu.”

And while parents sip on award-winning craft beer, kids can enjoy our handcrafted root beer! Larry Horwitz, Iron Hill Regional Brewer, reports, “We make the soda as part of an old tradition of birch beer in America. We use natural flavors and 100% cane sugar—no high fructose corn syrup.”

Beyond the atmosphere and food, parents find that Iron Hill is just a great spot to connect with their kids. Jessica Sant, whose local Iron Hill is in Maple Shade, shares how she uses dining out for educational moments. “My best parenting move so far: convincing my daughter that math is a game (we LOVE playing math). My 2nd best parenting move so far: teaching my daughter the awesomeness that is Iron Hill. Every year we let her pick a restaurant for her birthday dinner. She's 7 now. For the last 4 years she's chosen Iron Hill!” [Pictured below: a counting game in session.]


For Erica Salinski, a regular at Iron Hill Newark, it’s about comfort. “The reason we prefer Iron Hill over other restaurants is that we feel completely comfortable with both the staff and customers when we bring our three daughters out to dinner. We have never felt that we have been a nuisance. We try to do our part by coming when it's not so busy and bringing activities for them to do. We've done coloring books, Play-Doh and, just recently, games. It keeps them engaged and it's guaranteed family time. The menu is another big draw. The kids’ menu is not your typical chicken tenders and fries. Iron Hill has lots of healthy items for kids to choose from. I love that my daughters can choose a PB&J (sandwich) with carrot sticks or a cheeseburger with a salad. We hardly ever hear complaints when we tell them we are going to Iron Hill for dinner!” [Pictured below: the Salinskis playing Uno.]


Sounds like it’s time to treat the kids to dinner out at Iron Hill!

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Stephanie Anderson.

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