Hello world!

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Hello world!

Dear Interested Beer Enthusiast,

Welcome to my first blog post! You may be saying to yourself, “Self, I already get emails telling me what’s going on, why would I want more

Answer the first: This blog is intended to give you a more nuanced perspective of the beers on tap at Iron Hill Voorhees and the stories
behind them.

Answer the second: Connection. Having a deeper understanding of what you consume and who makes it helps firm up the connection between beer drinker and beer maker. If you are connected, hopefully you’ll feel like it is yours as well. We make the beer for you, so essentially, it is your beer.

That being said, here are your brewers:

Me (Kevin Walter)


’m an English Major who worked as a legal assistant that ended up waiting tables and now makes beer for a living. That is a roundabout way of getting where I am, I know. I dabbled with homebrew but really learned about brewing when I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to secure a job as an assistant with Iron Hill in Media. I worked there for 2 years under Bob Barrar, who is our most award winning brewer and is one of the most award winning brewers on the east coast. I ran our Lancaster brewery for about a year and a half then we started construction here in Voorhees in May 2013.

I always knew I wanted to make something tangible to share with people. I didn’t know that it would be beer, but I am incredibly happy that it is. Enough about me, the other brewer on the scene is Andrew Rubenstein.

This is Ruby.

Ruby-Pic-300x218.jpgThis is what Ruby has to say for himself: “I discovered brewing while attending college when Dock Street Brewery opened its doors in West Philly. I interned a few times a month when I had some time in the early morning and was hooked. After college I was hired by Chris LaPierre at our Maple Shade location. I ended up with Kevin at Voorhees because I wanted the invaluable
experience I received by building our brewery from the ground up.

Between the experience I’ve gained, customers I’ve met, and brewers I’ve worked with, I love not just being an Iron Hill brewer but an NJ
brewer as well.”

Now that you know us, please come and say “Hi!” Tell us what you want to drink. We want to make beer that you want to drink!

See you around the taps,


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