Barrels Bourbon & Bugs… Chestnut Hill Addition

About four years ago as the Head Brewer in Maple Shade I started this event.  It’s turned out to be one of the biggest multi-tap events that Iron Hill does (the third biggest in the company in fact).  Barrel-aged beers are really sought after these days so to have 12 of them on tap at the same time is a real treat.  Anyway, I couldn’t bear to leave this event, so I took it with me!  (Don’t worry Maple Shaders, Kevin and Ruby will keep the tradition alive east of the Delaware).

So on March 28th from 12 – 4 pm we’ll roll out the first-ever B, B & B in our Chestnut Hill location.  Some people like bourbon-aged beers and some like the wild stuff.  So we’ve split it right down the middle.  We’ll have six beers aged in bourbon barrels and six oak aged beers that have either been fermented with or aged with Brettanomyces or a blend of acid-producing bugs.  As you can imagine, we always go through about twice as much bourbon beers as wild.  (Not everyone likes wild beers, but those who do are pretty fanatical about them).  We’ll split the beers up into two samplers.  You can get six bourbon beers, six wild beers, or try all 12 in the line-up.

As always I’ll be here to give tours, chat beer and just say “Hi” in case we haven’t met yet.  For the complete list, click on the link to the right of this post under “Fresh Events”.  See you on the 28th!



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