Anyone like IPAs?

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Anyone like IPAs?

 Everyone does it seems.  When I first came to Maple Shade I couldn’t believe how much of it you all drank.  I thought then that there was something magical about Burlington County that made people crave hops.  It turns out though, that 2009 just happened to be the start of a huge spike in IPA drinking nation-wide.  IPA has been the fastest growing segment in craft beer for the past few years now.  In fact at the keynote speech at this year’s Craft Brewer’s Conference the director of the Brewer’s Association was quoted as saying “IPA is the new IPA”.


Well fortunately we love making them.  We’re committed to giving our customers what they want, so we always have at least one IPA on tap here in Maple Shade.  In fact, it’s pretty hard to visit any Iron Hill and not find an IPA in some form.  We (the various head brewers) all have our own twists, favorite hops and favorite variations on the style.  A while ago we recognized just that fact and thought it would be fun to do an event highlighting it.  We figured that National IPA Day would be the perfect time to do it!  Well actually….  a couple of days after National IPA Day would be an even perfecter time. (being on the weekend)

So on Saturday August 9th at 1 PM we’ll be gathering 10 different IPAs, one from each of Iron Hill’s 10 locations, and putting them on tap all at once.  I can’t wait to sit down and taste what all of my co-workers have been up to.  I think it will be a lot of fun to see the personalities of all of our brewers shine through.  Our boss Mark gave us some guidelines to work within so nobody had the opportunity to be a show-off and do something really off the wall.  No Black, Belgian, Brett, Oak-aged, Nitrogenated, Triple-Session IPAs here.  All 10 will be moderate-strength, drinkable American IPAs.

Of course we’re offering a sampler tray with all 10 locations represented so you can try everything without falling down or breaking the bank.  Find your favorite then get a pint or two!

See you all next Saturday!



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