We don’t just love brewing great beer and cooking delicious food. We love learning about it. We love talking about it. And, as you’ll see in this blog, we love writing about it.

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  • Giving at the Hill

    Giving at the Hill

    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant takes great pride in building bonds with each of the communities wher…

  • A Perfect Mistake

    A Perfect Mistake

    Mistakes happen. Agreeing to write a piece about making mistakes comes to mind, but I digress. I bel…

  • A True Celebration of Dad

    A True Celebration of Dad

    According to the history books, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in the state of Washington in …

  • Beer & Yoga

    Beer & Yoga

    I wish I had a really great story about how my yoga practice began. But, I don't. It’s just really s…

  • The Value in Spent Grain

    The Value in Spent Grain

    A big part of our jobs as brewers involves efficiency. We receive malt on 2000 lb pallets, grind it …

  • “What is your favorite beer to drink?”

    “What is your favorite beer to drink?”

    This is probably one of the questions I am most asked once people find out I brew beer for a living.…

  • Pink Boots

    Pink Boots

    As a female in the brewing industry, one of the most common things I hear is, "wow, there probably a…

  • Meet Chef Anthony Beaner

    Meet Chef Anthony Beaner

    From time to time members of our culinary and brewery team are featured in local/regional publicatio…

  • Grilled Salmon & Veggies Recipe

    Grilled Salmon & Veggies Recipe

    As a chef, I am around delicious food every day. Working in the kitchen exposes me to so many differ…

  • Beer & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair

    Beer & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair

    Throughout the year, you can visit any Iron Hill location and see how we expertly pair our from-scra…

  • Belgium Comes to West Chester

    Belgium Comes to West Chester

    On Saturday, January 27, Senior Head Brewer, Matthew Gundrum, General Manager, Amanda Lober, and Hea…

  • Triple Chocolate Cure

    Triple Chocolate Cure

    Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. Although a gripping reminder that life is unpredictable, we wo…

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