Monthly Events


King of the Hill Rewards Club Appreciation Day
The First Thursday of Every Month
From 6:00pm – 8:00 pm:
  Growlers are half price
  Members receive a complimentary small bite
Plus, double points all day!

Beer and Bacon Madness
Thursday, March 23 – Monday, April 3
Join us as we celebrate the madness for bacon and beer with
a special bacon-inspired menu and Rauchy Balboa, our smoked porter.
Á la carte menu*
Seafood Chowder   7 | 9
shrimp, scallops, bacon, potatoes, corn and bacon-brioche croutons
suggested pairing – Vienna Red Lager
Beets and Bacon Salad   9
baby arugula, roasted red beets, applewood smoked bacon,
gorgonzola, pistachio and bacon-lager vinaigrette
suggested pairing – Flemish Brown
Braised Pork Belly   12
apricot-bedotter glaze, radish sprouts and pecan-bacon praline
suggested pairing – Bedotter
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers   10
three cheese stuffing and poblano-lime dipping sauce
suggested pairing – Ore House IPA
Red Wine Marinated Hanger Steak   26
bacon-salt dusted pommes frites, grilled asparagus and
bacon-brandy sauce
suggested pairing – Rauchy Balboa
Bacon Wrapped Salmon   25
roasted butternut squash risotto, sautéed haricots verts and
smoked tomato-bacon jam
suggested pairing – Rauchy Balboa
Grilled Pork Rib Chop   23
country style smashed potatoes, braised bacon-collard greens
and andouille gravy
suggested pairing – Rauchy Balboa
Pan Roasted Duck Breast    24
pancetta-sweet potato hash, roasted bacon brussels sprouts
and bourbon-maple butter
suggested pairing – Rauchy Balboa
Bacon-Coffee Crumb Cake   6
bourbon cream cheese icing
suggested pairing – Bourbon Russian Imperial Stout
Rauchy Balboa
Our award winning Pig Iron Porter with a portion of the grist replaced with
malt smoked over beechwood. Dark and robust with flavors of chocolate and
toffee accompanied by a smoky finish.
OG: 1.057; Color: 26; IBU: 35; ABV: 5.4%

*menu offerings are subject to change based on availability