Bottled Reserves

Bottled Reserves

Fine handcrafted and hand-bottled ales and lagers so expertly crafted most have earned national and international medals. It’s a class of beer you won’t find just anywhere. See for yourself why these beers have a special place in the Iron Hill family.

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One sip and you’ll see: Iron Hill Bottled
Reserve is in a class by itself.

Reserve Bottles may only be purchased
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Product not for resale.

The following Bottled Reserves are currently available for purchase:

2006, 2010 World Beer Cup Bronze Medal
Brewed in the style of a Belgian monastery. This mahogany ale has the sweetness of dark Belgian candi sugar paired with a distinct aroma of plums and pears.
OG: 1.068; ABV: 6.9%

SAISON 16.50
2008 GABF Gold Medal
A classic Belgian-style farmhouse ale; unfiltered, bright and light-bodied, yet with a complex earthy, fruity and spicy yeast character.
OG: 1.064; ABV: 7.0%

Rich, dark, malty and very complex. Belgian Abbey yeast, dark candi sugar and a huge assortment of specialty malts create layers of complex fruity aromas and a warming finish.
OG: 1.115; ABV: 12.2%

2008 GABF Gold Medal;
1998, 2001 GABF Bronze Medal;
2004 World Beer Cup Gold Medal
2008 World Beer Cup Silver Medal

Full-bodied Scotch-style ale with a distinct malty-sweet and fruity aroma and flavor. A light smokiness lurks in the background from the use of peat smoked malts.
OG: 1.085; ABV: 8.3%

2014 GABF Silver Medal;
2016 World Beer Cup Gold Medal

Traditional Belgian-style golden ale. The flavor has a unique sweetness that is paired with nuances of fruit and spice attributed to the yeast.
OG: 1.086; ABV: 9.0%

2005 GABF Gold Medal;
2006 World Beer Cup Silver Medal;

2015 GABF Silver Medal
Belgian-style golden ale with a complex, dry sweetness, balancing bitterness and a spicy finish.
OG: 1.068; ABV: 7.5%

2011, 2013, 2015 GABF Silver Medal;
2003, 2006, 2010 GABF Gold Medal;
2012 GABF Bronze Medal;
2006 World Beer Cup Bronze Medal ;
2010, 2012, 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Medal;
2016 World Beer Cup Silver Medal

Full-bodied stout that starts with a complex, malty sweet and high-roasted character that is wonderfully balanced with the use of citrusy American hops.
OG: 1.095; ABV: 9.5%

Traditional brown, English-style barleywine with intense, complex malt sweetness and a sherry-like quality. Full-bodied with balanced bitterness and a warm finish.
OG: 1.100; ABV: 9.6%

Flemish-style red ale starts off with a light caramel sweetness that gives way to a quenching sourness and effervescent mouthfeel.
OG: 1.054; ABV: 5.0%

Note: Bottled Reserves styles and availability may vary.

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