Monthly Events


King of the Hill Rewards Club Appreciation Day
The First Thursday of Every Month
From 6:00pm – 8:00 pm:
  Growlers are half price
  Members receive a complimentary small bite
Plus, double points all day!

Beer and Bacon Madness
Thursday, March 23 – Monday, April 3
Join us as we celebrate the madness for bacon and beer with
a special bacon-inspired menu and Rauchy Balboa, our smoked porter.
Á la carte menu*
Bacon and Barley Soup   6.50
fresh herbs and pecorino romano
suggested pairing – White Iron Wit
House Cured Bacon Salad   9.95
iceberg, heirloom tomato, bacon fat croutons and
creamy avocado-bacon dressing
suggested pairing – Copperhead IPA
Potato-Bacon Croquettes   9.95
smoked cheddar and bacon-horseradish cream
suggested pairing – Made In The Shade IPA
Smoked Bacon and Asparagus Bruschetta   8.95
feta, olive oil and madeira wine reduction
suggested pairing – 8 oz Trubbel With Monks
Pork Belly Wellington   21.95
swiss chard, mushroom duxelle, champ potatoes and
port wine-bacon drizzle
suggested pairing – Peter Dunkelage
Bacon Bolognese Rigatoni   16.95
house made bacon sausage ragout and shaved parmesan
suggested pairing – Out The Gate IPA
Barbeque Glazed North Atlantic Salmon   22.95
bacon succotash, caramelized onion smashed potatoes and onion rings
suggested pairing – Ziggy Star-Bock
Bacon Blondie Sundae   6.95
candied pecans, malted bourbon pecan ice cream and maple-ale syrup
suggested pairing – Pig Iron Porter
Rauchy Balboa
Our award winning Pig Iron Porter with a portion of the grist replaced with
malt smoked over beechwood. Dark and robust with flavors of chocolate and
toffee accompanied by a smoky finish.
OG: 1.057; Color: 26; IBU: 35; ABV: 5.4%

*menu offerings are subject to change based on availability

Barrels & Bacon Multi-Tap
Saturday, March 25
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

8 bourbon and wine barrel aged beers, along with
our annual celebration of Bacon Madness food features.
April Mae & The June Bugs will be playing music 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
8 Big Beers On Tap
Barrel-Aged Biere de Mars
Wild Cannabal
Biere de Chard
May the Brett be with You
Bourbon Honey Tripper
Bourbon Buccaneer’s Bounty
Bourbon Wee Heavy
Bourbon Winter Warmer
King of the Hill Rewards Club Exclusive
Free t-shirt for the first 10 samplers ordered by members.

Edgy & Veggie: A Vegan Beer Dinner
Tuesday, April 18
7:00 pm

$65.00 per person, including gratuity
Reservations Required, Call 856 273.0300
Join us for six vegan courses from
Head Chief Scot Seher paired with six delicious beers by
Head Brewer Josh Ervine.
Zucchini Carpaccio

candied meyer lemon, pickled lavender buds,
pistachio paste and cashew milk ricotta
Paired with Phightin’ Phils Pils
Yucca Tostones

shaved vegetable slaw and charred tomato coulis
Paired with Ziggy Star-Bock
Artichoke “Crab” Cake

micro watercress, pesto and white balsamic drizzle
Paired with Galaxy Quest
Blood Orange-Parsnip Sorbet

Southern Fried Tofu

green tomato, black bean puree,
grilled corn-potato puree and sawmill style seitan gravy
Paired with Out the Gate IPA
Harissa Marinated Cauliflower Steak

chickpea couscous, roasted tomato and grilled spring onion chimichurri
Paired with Trubbel with Monks
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

banana chips and macadamia-almond ice cream
Paired with Vanilla Coffee Porter