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Friday, February 12

Head Brewer: Josh Ervine
Assistant Brewer: William Mink

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OG: 1.088   Color: 4.0   IBU: 38   ABV: 9.5%
Traditional Belgian-style golden ale with complex aroma and notes of plum, spice and banana with refreshing balanced bitterness.
2002, 2003, 2004 GABF Bronze Medal; 2014 GABF Silver Medal in the Belgian-Style Tripel category.

Blonde de Bruges

OG: 1.065   Color: 3.13   IBU: 30   ABV: 6.5%
An Amero-Belgian Blonde ale with a generous late addition of American hops lend to it's fruity, citrus aroma.

Copperhead IPA

OG: 1.065   Color: 6.7   IBU: 35   ABV: 6.5%
This light copper colored IPA is generously hopped with the ABCs of the Pacific Northwest's finest. Amarillo, Bravo and Columbus hops blend together for a bit of a bite.


OG: 1.064   Color: 40   IBU: 30   ABV: 5.1%
Luca Brasi pre-coffee. The base beer for our Coffee Stout tasted so good we wanted to serve a couple of kegs of it as is it was. English-style stout brewed with oatmeal and lactose and served on nitrogen for a silky mouthfeel.

Iron Hill Light Lager

OG: 1.038   Color: 1.8 L   IBU: 10   ABV: 4.0%
Our lightest beer. Brewed to give a crisp, clean, refreshing taste with very subtle malt and hop flavor.

Junkyard Dog

OG: 1.054   Color: 15   IBU: 35   ABV: 5.3%
A light to medium bodied brown ale with a moderate bitterness. The late addition of a healthy amount of Amarillo and Simcoe hops lends to the giant pine and citrus aroma.

Luca Brasi

OG: 1.064   Color: 40   IBU: 30   ABV: 6.0%
A dry English Stout aged on Bali Kintamani Coffee. This Fair Trade, Rainforest Certified coffee is roasted locally by the Revolution Coffee Roasters located in Collingswood NJ.

Ore House™ IPA

OG: 1.060   Color: 4   IBU: 55   ABV: 6.5%
Golden IPA with a balanced hop bitterness and wonderful citrus and pine aroma and flavor.

Pig Iron™ Porter

OG: 1.057   Color: 23 L   IBU: 37   ABV: 5.4%
A classic porter, dark and full of roasted malt flavor. Chocolate notes are well balanced by a slight bitterness.
2002 GABF Bronze Medal; 2010 GABF Gold Medal.

Russian Imperial Stout

OG: 1.098   Color: 50   IBU: 75   ABV: 9.8%
Full-bodied stout that starts with a complex, malty sweet and high-roasted character that is wonderfully balanced with the use of citrusy American hops.
2003 GABF Gold Medal; 2006 GABF Gold Medal; 2006 World Beer Cup Bronze Medal; 2010 GABF Gold Medal; 2010 World Beer Cup Gold Medal; 2011 GABF Silver Medal in Imperial Stout category; 2012 World Beer Cup Gold Medal in British-style Imperial Stout; 2012 GABF Bronze Medal in Imperial Stout category; 2013 GABF Silver Medal in Imperial Stout category; 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Medal in British-Style Imperial Stout; 2015 GABF Silver Medal in Imperial Stout category.

Rye of the Tiger

OG: 1064   Color: 6.5   IBU: 60   ABV: 6.0%
Rye malt and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand flavor this amber American IPA with spicy, grapefruit flavor and a touch of dryness in the finish.
2014 GABF Silver Medal in the Rye Ale category.


OG: 1.048   Color: 8.0   IBU: 30   ABV: 6.0%
A classic Franco-Belge-style farmhouse ale, unfiltered, bright and light-bodied. The yeast gives an earthy, fruity and spicy character with a refreshing finish.
2008 GABF Gold Medal.

The Quadfather

OG: 1.102   Color: 18   IBU: 50   ABV: 10.0%
A truly full-bodied beer. Rich, chestnut colored, malty and very complex. Brewed with Belgian abbey yeast, dark candi sugar and a huge assortment of specialty malts, providing layers of fruity aromas and flavors with a warming finish.

Vienna Red™ Lager

OG: 1.046   Color: 11   IBU: 22   ABV: 4.4%
A European amber lager, medium-bodied with a delicate malt aroma, slight sweetness and a clean, crisp finish.
1999, 2011 GABF Bronze Medal; 2008 GABF Gold Medal; 2008 World Beer Cup Silver Medal.

White Iron™ Wit

OG: 1.048   Color: 3   IBU: 17   ABV: 4.6%
Pale, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer, light-bodied and very refreshing. Features complex orange and spice flavors.


OG: 1.048   Color: 3   IBU: 17   ABV: 4.6%
Classic, unfiltered Belgian wheat beer with a touch of raspberry. The complex orange and spice flavors blend perfectly with the berry.

Upcoming Releases »

Cherry Vanilla Porter - 02.12.16

OG: 1.057   Color: 23   IBU: 37   ABV: 5.4%
Our award-winning Porter aged with vanilla bean and Michigan sour cherry. The chocolaty and roast flavors of the Porter blend perfectly with a vanilla and sour cherry finish.

Peppermint Bark - 02.27.16

OG: 1.67   Color: 29   IBU: 20   ABV: 6.2%
This year's Iron Brewer winning recipe. An American milk stout infused with over two pounds per barrel of Ambrosia chocolate and 6 pounds of fresh mint.

Snowed In - 03.12.16

OG: 1.080   Color: 18   IBU: 35   ABV: 9.5%
A blend of strong Belgian ales and Russian Stout aged in a bourbon barrel for almost a full year.

Biere de Mars - 03.12.16

OG: 1.064   Color: 9   IBU: 32   ABV: 7.0%
A copper-colored French farmhouse-style ale. Brewed with wheat, aromatic malts and a touch of orange peels for a smooth ale with complex flavors and aromas.

American Tripel - 03.12.16

OG: 1.083   Color: 4   IBU: 35   ABV: 9.0%
An American version of the classic Belgian Tripel, pale yellow but full-bodied. The Belgian yeast marries with American hops for a nose and palate full of fruity characters.

Biere de Chard - 03.12.16

OG: 1.080   Color: 3   IBU: 35   ABV: 10.0%
Imperial Saison aged on wood for three months. Chardonnay-like wine character with notes of tropical fruit and a long dry finish.

Bourbon Wee Heavy - 03.12.16

OG: 1.085   Color: 16   IBU: 35   ABV: 8.0%
Our strong, brown Scotch Ale aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. A distinct sweet malt character is entwined with bourbon.

LeBruce - 03.12.16

OG: 1.080   Color: 4   IBU: 35   ABV: 10.0%
A big Saison brewed with apricot. Huge, juicy, stone fruit flavor with earthy spice notes. Brewed in collaboration with Maple Shade employee Terrell Bruce in honor of his consistently stellar commitment to Iron Hill.

Bourbon Russian Imperial Stout - 03.12.16

OG: 1.095   Color: 35   IBU: 75   ABV: 8.6%
Our Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. The complex malt character is balanced with distinct bourbon and vanilla flavors.
2004 GABF Bronze Medal.

Whitesbog Blueberry Ale - 03.12.16

OG: 1.060   Color: 11   IBU: 10   ABV: 6.0%
Blueberry ale brewed with one pound per gallon of fresh local blueberries from Moore's Meadows in Tabernacle, NJ.

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Make the Perfect Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12, 2016 – Sunday, February 14, 2016

5 pm Join us for a special à la carte menu for you and the one you love.

Maple Shade – Beer & Cookies Beer Release

Saturday, February 27, 2016

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Two American classic hobbies come together for one fabulous event!

Maple Shade – Barrels, Bourbons, & Bugs Multi-Tap

Saturday, March 12, 2016

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Join us as we tap a collection of wild and barrel-aged beers.

Note: Beer availability and release dates are subject to change.