Monthly Events


Beer and Cheese Pairing
Tuesday, August 19
7:00-9:30 pm

Six Course Beer & Cheese Pairing
$45 pp including gratuity | reservations required
We’re partnering with Di Bruno Bros. to showcase the amazing versatility
of beer with cheese. In addition to beer and cheese, each course will include gourmet food elements by Chef Jared for a full flavor experience.
Non-alcoholic pairing available upon request.
Ticklemore, England

raw goat, bright and floral with hints of vanilla
Paired with Kölsch
served with compressed melon and prosciutto
Miranda, New York

pasteurized cow, absinthe washed, pungent with notes of mushroom
Paired with Bière d’Or
served with cerignola olive tapenade and fresh baguette
Lake’s Edge, Vermont

pasteurized goat, crisp, tangy and lemony
Paired with Golden Child
served with strawberry rhubarb tart
Maxx Extra, Switzerland

raw cow, gruyere-style, aged double cream with a herbaceous and meaty flavor
Paired with Sweet Leaf IPA
served with orange creamsicle profiterole
Rupert Reserve, Vermont

raw cow, sweet and complex with hints of toasted hazelnut
Paired with Old Ale

served with toffee brittle
Azul Penacorda, Spain

pasteurized cow, spanish-style blue, rich and creamy with a white pepper kick
Paired with Overload Stout
served with Di Bruno’s sinful cocoa pecans and smoked malt honey

Philly Grown & Raised
August 6 & September 3
5:00–10:00 pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to taste some of the
freshest ingredients available in Philadelphia and
sourced within 10 miles of Chestnut Hill. 
Partnering with Weavers Way Co-op and
Henry Got Crops, we’ll create a special menu
showcasing Philly’s farm-to-table finest.