Iron Hill  Brewery & Restaurant and Jeff Schaller

The murals in our restaurants are the result of a collaboration between internationally acclaimed artist Jeff Schaller and Iron Hill Brewery. This relationship started in 2002 when Schaller was commissioned to impart his whimsical imagery to the walls of the Wilmington Riverfront restaurant. Since then, Schaller and Iron Hill have not only been collaborating on murals, but a number of projects, including beer labels and t-shirts. Adapting images and ideas that suggest an atmosphere of the fine food and exceptional beer, Schaller continues to create regional dynamic works, unique to Iron Hill. 

Jeff Schaller creates art pieces which incorporate representational form with the printed word. In essence, the visual and written symbols merge to create a unique aesthetic language that is both provocative and whimsical. His multiple-image pieces, with iconography ranging from polka dots to popular culture, evoke emotions and memories in the viewer. The combination of multiple images tells a story and provokes a personal exchange among the viewing audience. To view more of Jeff's work, go to