Aug 12 2010

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Who is this Pete guy anyway?

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PeteSince we don’t normally name beers after people, a lot of people have been asking who Pete is.  Chris figured it was appropriate for me to explain why I named this Belgian Quad “Pete’s Celebration”.

I’ve known Pete since I was born.  My mother was pregnant with my older brother Brian while Pete’s mother was pregnant with him.  They were born within a couple of weeks of each other.  Since then our families have always spent time together over the holidays, and during these get-togethers I always got to try Pete’s homebrews. During my junior year in college I decided I wanted to “make something” for a living and more specifically I wanted a career making one of my two favorite beverages, beer or tea.  Obviously beer won out.  With that decision made, I sent Pete an e-mail expressing my interest in homebrewing.  The next day I recieved an extensive e-mail about everything from what equipment was needed to details about the steps in a partial mash brew day. 

A year after I graduated from Kenyon College, I went back to Ohio to visit my friends who would be on campus.  The last day of my visit I stayed with Pete in Columbus and met Ellyn, his present day fiance.  That night, after Pete and I enjoyed a few yards of Avery, he told me that he planned on proposing to Ellyn and half-jokingly asked me to brew him a beer, either at work or home for his wedding.  Shortly after my return from Ohio I was offered the job at Iron Hill.

A few months ago I returned from Siebel with some malt samples from Briess Malting in Wisconson.  Chris asked me what I wanted to do with them and I suggested a Belgian Quadrupel.  I formulated the grain bill for the following Monday’s brew.  Chris told me since it was my beer I had to name it too and to think about it over the next few days.  Coincidentally, over the weekend preceding the brew day I found out that Pete had proposed.  So there it is, my first beer at Iron Hill is dedicated to the guy who got me into homebrewing and his bride to be.  We’ll be tapping Pete’s Celebration on Wednesday September 8th at 5 pm.  See you then.

- Jeff

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Who is this Pete guy anyway?

  1. Pete says:

    Jeff –

    Thanks again for brewing this beer in dedication for my proposal and for making me famous (well, at least in certain circles). My only regret is that I will still be in Ohio when you guys tap it. Save a growler for my Xmas visit!


  2. Chris says:

    No problem Pete, thanks for the story. While Pete’s Celebration will probably be gone by Christmas, Bourbon Pete’s Celebration will not! We’ve filled up a Bourbon Barrel with the beer and we always let our Bourbon beers age in the barrel for several months before putting them on tap. Your Christmas visit might be the perfect time to break it out.

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