Nov 29 2012

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What GABF means to us

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I was chatting with a fellow brewer the other day about Iron Hill’s involvement in the Great American Beer Fest.  A lot of the discussion had to do with the fact that it really means more to us than the opportunity to win medals for our beer.  It’s actually a huge culture building event for our company.  You may or may not know this, but in addition to the brewers Iron Hill sends out to Denver every year, we also send at least one hourly employee from each location.  We also pay for a full pass to the GABF and a night out on the town for any employee who pays to get themselves out to Denver.  Not a bad deal!  I think this year we had around 70 employees cheering us on at the awards ceremony.  Last year we had a film crew hang out with us the whole time.  I just realized I’d never posted the short film they made about the experience we have out there.  It’s really a great piece.  If you’ve got 12 minutes to kill, I’d highly recommend it.


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What GABF means to us

  1. Ryan McManus says:

    Great video! That’s what it’s all about! I hope one day I will be able to make it to the GABF. I have the Home Brewer’s Companion, and Joy of Home Brewing books from Charlie Papazian. Its good to see him in your video. I have been home brewing for a couple of years, and made some pretty decent beers, but never on a scale of the brewery. I often picture myself working in a brewery. I see the joy and happiness it brings, and the brotherhood and pride you guys have in doing something you love. I do Union Construction work. With the Economy, and the crap politics, it’s draining the life out of me. I just finished bar tending school, and evan got my T.I.P.S. certification. I’m finding it hard to find a job with no prior experience. You said in your video how important it is to know about the beer that you are selling, I couldn’t agree more. Congrats on your medals, and keep making that great brew! Cheers!

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