Jan 22 2010

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There’s a Situation Brewing.

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Our Head Brewer in Lancaster, Paul Rutherford, is a big big fan of a particular reality television show.  So much so that he practically begged me

Paul and I discussing "The Situation" photo: Suzy Woods

Paul and I discussing "The Situation" photo: Suzy Woods

to name a beer, any beer, “The Situation”.  Why didn’t he do it himself?  He thought people in New Jersey would appreciate it more than folks in Lancaster.  So I had a name that needed a beer.

For year’s I’ve been brewing a beer that I’ve called “Golden Barleywine“.  Mostly because I don’t know what else to call it.  It’s not a Barleywine at all.  Some say it’s a Double IPA, but it’s too light in color and low in malt body.  Not a Double IPA at all.  So this year, with a fresh start in Jersey, I decided to just give it a name and ignore the whole style issue altogether.  So I had a beer that needed a name.

Situation resolved.

We brewed it this past Saturday.  We’ll release it on February 20th along with very limited amounts of a couple of different vintages of the same recipe.  I plan to get a fake tan and style my hair accordingly.  My lady The Beer Lass has agreed to do the same.  We’re working on a bunch of our friends to commit to this theme as well.

Put it on your calander.  It should be a good time.  You’re going to be happy with The Situation.



P.S. To read about the history of this beer and why I ever called it “barleywine” in the first place, read here.

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There’s a Situation Brewing.

  1. woody says:

    Will this be bottled?

  2. Chris says:

    I’m afraid not Woody. We’re still trying to find a legal way to sell bottles at our Maple Shade location. New Jersey laws are a bit different. We do however sell 1/2 gallon growlers to go. Our fancy growler filler treats the beer very gently. The growler won’t have the shelf life of a bottle, but it will be much longer than your average growler filled off of a tap.

  3. Max Kline says:

    will you filler growlers from other breweries? Specifically Victory.

  4. chris says:

    I’ve seen the show and can’t believe you named a beer after “the situation”. Regardless, I bet its pretty tasty

  5. Chris says:

    Chris, I assure you the name is very tongue-in-cheek. The beer does match the character though; strong, golden and with a huge nose.

  6. Chris says:

    Yes and No…. We will fill growlers from other breweries provided they are the same size and shape as ours. Unfortunately Victory uses the large-mouthed swing top style and they will not fit on our filler. Sorry.



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