Sep 17 2011

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Meet Jerry Vietz & Drink some Unibroue 10/3

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Some of you know that I used to work for the original Dock Street way back in the day.  That was a fun time in my life.  I made a lot of great friends there and have kept many of them.  One of them resurfaced after about a decade, my old buddy B.J. (uh, that’s Bernard now.  He’s all growed up!)  It turns out he found out I was still in the beer biz and had also joined the dark side as a rep for Unibroue.  Once we got back in touch, Bernard told me he’d really like me to get together with Jerry, the Master Brewer at Unibroue.  “I consider you both friends, and I’d love to see you work together” he said.  How could I say no to that? 

So Jerry’s coming down through Philly on his way to Charm City for Baltimore Beer Week and he’s going to spend a day with me at the ‘Hill.  On Monday October 3rd, we’ll be brewing during the day and having a couple of beers at the bar after work.  Of course we’ll have a few Unibroue treats on tap that evening alongside our usual fare.  Jerry and I will be on hand from 6-8 pm to chat and share beers.

Don’t look for our collaboration anytime too soon by the way.  Jerry wants to referment the beer in kegs and do a couple of barrel aged versions.  We won’t be putting any of it on tap until he can make it back stateside to enjoy it with us some time this winter.  On a side note, when he does come down we’ll be combining the unveiling of this beer with a Unibroue / Iron Hill beer dinner.  Can’t wait for that one!  See you on the 3rd.



Unibroue Beers on Tap




I’m also bringing in a case of La Fin Du Monde bottles and hopefully Jerry will bring a treat or two!

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