Dec 28 2010

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Flying Fish / Iron Hill event January 15th. Jersey’s Finest release.

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FishReservePhotoI’m sure you remember Luca Brasi, the coffee beer we made a while back.  Right around the time that beer was in the tank I found myself at Flying Fish to steal some yeast and Casey gave me a sneak preview of the Exit 13, their chocolate beer.  I tasted it and though “wow, this and Luca would make a great  South Jersey Mocha.”  So the next week I brought a half of a firken of Luca to Cherry Hill and we topped it off with Exit 13.  We also threw in some cocoa nibs and whole vanilla beans, then primed it with some actively fermenting Flying Fish Grand Cru just to add another twist.  We’ll be serving this firkin (dubbed “Jersey’s Finest”) here at the ‘Hill on Saturday Janurary 15th at noon.  Casey and I will be on hand to chat, give tours and of course drink some beer.  We’ll also be tapping  unadulterated sixtels of  both Luca Brasi and Exit 13, plus Casey will be bringing a sixtel of Grand Cru (at my request, it’s one of my favorite beers of the season).  Lastly we’ll have a firkin of “Half-Caff” on the beer engine.  It’s the Luca Brasi aged on the whole coffee beans, but without the addition of the cold press coffee extract.  I’m expecting a toned down version of Luca.  Of course we’ll be offering a sampler of all 5 beers. Anyhow I’m looking forward to it.  Flying Fish threw us a “welcome to New Jeresey” party in our own restaurant shortly after we opened and we had a great time then.  See you all on the 15th!



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