04/22/2015  |  Grab Your Tickets to 2015 Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers’ Festival

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We’re counting down to Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant’s biggest, beeriest event of the year—the Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers’ Festival. On Saturday, May 9, scores of craft beer lovers will be joining us at our Media location, from 1–5 p.m., to sip, sample and savor the finest handcrafted beers from more than two dozen local breweries.

What’s the best part about this beer festival? All proceeds from the event—which happens to be in its 15th year—benefit the Media Youth Center, a nonprofit organization that provides a safe environment for area youth to expand their minds, grow their bodies and have fun through an array of recreational and educational programs and partnerships with the community.

Check out the list of confirmed breweries thus far (with more to be added in the weeks to come!):

Denizens Brewing Co.

Evolution Craft Brewing Co.

Flying Fish Brewing Company

Forest & Main

Free Will Brewing Co.

Lancaster Brewing Co.

Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant

McKenzie Brew House

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.

Pinocchio’s Beer Garden to Go

Round Guys Brewery

Saint Benjamin Brewing

Saucony Creek Brewing Company

ShawneeCraft Brewing

Ship Bottom Brewery

Sly Fox Brewing Company

Stewart’s Brewing Co.

Tröegs Brewing Co.

Yards Brewing Company


Now eager to attend?

Purchase your tickets here.

Tickets are available at just $45 online; $50 at the door (if available), which includes festival admission, a tasting cup and the chance to sample beer from any of the breweries in attendance. Warning: tickets do typically sell-out each year, so plan accordingly. Make your hardest decision: which beer to try first! We’ll also have special perks for King of the Hill members, including a VIP tent and free food voucher.

Don’t delay—get your tickets online today. We’ll be looking for you on May 9! (Please note: This event is rain or shine.) And while you’re at the fest, get social with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #BVCBF2015.

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Michele Kornegay.


04/22/2015  |  Lancaster Culinary Champ Claims Victory in 2015 Iron Hill Hourly Chef Competition

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On March 31, Iron Hill Lancaster’s chef Mick Kalata nabbed first place in our annual Iron Hill hourly chef competition.

The internal culinary throwdown, organized to pit Iron Hill’s hourly cooks against one another in a vigorous, old-fashioned food battle, first started in-house. Each of our 11 locations welcomed its kitchen staff members to prepare and present original recipes to a panel of judges, in the hopes of claiming dominance and nabbing a slot in the final culinary challenge. The chefs obliged, lining up throughout the month of February and into early March to flex their kitchen chops with creative compositions.

Kalata, no stranger to this annual cook-off, actually placed as a runner-up in 2014’s battle. But, back to 2015. Kalata, Newark’s Jason Thompson, Media’s Carlee Steele and Maple Shade’s William Hernandez scored our four finalist slots, journeying to Iron Hill Ardmore to compete for the title.

Judging the 2015 competition were Chris Meyer, regional chef of Two Stones Pub; Michelle Wilson, head chef of Iron Hill Phoenixville; and Amy Strauss, The Town Dish’s Editor in Chief.

Since the food is always the most important part of every cook-off, allow us to present the dishes that entered the judging ring:

Kalata’s soul-warming clambake was laden with chorizo chunks and swimming in a mighty chorizo broth. Accents like a warm sourdough bread basket, with a side of honey-rosemary butter and a taster of White Iron Wit, enhanced his entry.

Hernandez’s inventive adobe chicken presented a rollercoaster of flavors for the judges, arriving with a snappy combo of side dishes including a spicy ceviche salad and a Venezuelan-inspired, mint-infused pico de gallo.

Thompson’s vibrant and light scallop ceviche arrived as the ultimate bar bite for the warm-weather months ahead, paired with a side of ancho-glazed plantain chips. Using the chips to “scoop” up the ceviche was a repeat move for the judges—who also confessed that the dish’s sauce was something they’d love to taste and taste again.

Steele pulled the bold move of competing with a dessert—a well-orchestrated, deconstructed composition of White Iron Wit–poached pears with life-changing honey-whipped mascarpone, orange and nut-accented chutney and pools of spiced chocolate.

After each dish was elaborately tasted and the judges deliberated over who should be crowned 2015’s victor, Kalata’s clambake was the deserving winner. (The judges even asked for seconds—it was that good.) His reward? An enviable prize pack of hand-selected, high-end kitchen gear (KitchenAid mixer and Calphalon pans included).

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Amy Strauss.

04/22/2015  |  Iron Hill in County Lines Magazine: Growlers and Nitro and Cans and Casks! Oh My!

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Here at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, we’re proud to serve our handcrafted beers in many ways, chief among them on draft and in large-format bottles. But we also have our fair share of cask conditioned ales, beers poured on nitro, canned beers and, of course, our beloved growlers-to-go.

In his latest piece for County Lines Magazine, Director of Brewery Operations Mark Edelson breaks down these less common ways to enjoy your favorite craft beer and tells you exactly why you should give them a try.

Read all about it in Mark’s article for County Lines Magazine!

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Michele Kornegay.

04/22/2015  |  Discover Iron Hill’s Real-Time Beer List

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Discovering just-tapped craft beer has become much easier at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. From the anticipation of scouting out new beers on tap to the enjoyment of sampling a fresh release to the very last drop, we’re helping you to embrace this just-tapped concept with our real-time Beers On Tap page.

Now, anytime you are eager to know what’s on tap at your favorite Iron Hill location, you’ll have the answer at your fingertips in mere seconds. The digitized, fresh beer facelift is your comprehensive guide to Iron Hill, telling you what’s currently pouring and, most importantly, allowing you to catch that can’t-miss sampling before it goes bone dry.

With our real-time beer launch well underway, we tapped some of our King of the Hill Rewards Club Members to sound off about their user experience, which beers they’ll constantly scout out and more.

Four King of the Hill Members Weigh in on the New System:

Colleen Perrin, Two-Year King of the Hill Member

West Chester native Colleen Perrin identifies Iron Hill as “the place” for her family. “The kids got to an age that we knew we could start going out more, and Iron Hill was the place,” she revealed. “We all love the food and my husband and I love the beer, too. It just made sense to join King of the Hill.”

Perrin, who typically checks the website before her family visits, is dubbing the Beers On Tap upgrade “fantastic,” explaining, “I like to see what is available and what I might want. If something isn’t there when I arrive, I am usually crestfallen. This new system gives me all I need to know, and I can count on it being up to date.”

What beer is she already scouting out? “I like several of Iron Hill’s seasonal beers, but they are always making something new. I’ll be watching to see what’s up, and no doubt will plan a trip back to taste it.”

Andie Bicho, Six-Year King of the Hill Member

Fellow West Chester native Andie Bicho believes that the new Beers On Tap upgrade will help build excitement for new releases. She reveals that visiting the page on the repeat will help her stay in the know and allow her to snag the latest, ultra-hyped release from her home store.

What can’t-miss beer is ranking high on her list? “Chuck Norris’ Beard [a spicy, high octane Belgian IPA] and any sour!,” she reveals, without skipping a beat.

Mike Walski, Eight-Year King of the Hill Member

Current Erdenheim resident Mike Walski, a long-time KOTH member since the original Mug Club in 2006, regularly hits our Chestnut Hill and Phoenixville locations. “I’ll go to Iron Hill regardless of what is on tap on any given day,” he reveals. “But, knowing something special or fun is being served would certainly give me something to look forward to drinking.”

He’s already addicted to scouting his preferred locations for favorites like Sweet Leaf IPA (“how about that, it’s now on tap in Chestnut Hill!,” he says). “I’ll also be watching for Berliner Weisse and Oktoberfest in Phoenixville.”

Stephen Lyfords, Five-Year King of the Hill Member

Like Walski, for New Jersey native Stephen Lyfords, the Beers On Tap option will help narrow down which of his favorite locations he should hit. “Now with Voorhees open, which is closer [to me], I split my time between there and Maple Shade because both locations have great staff and talented brewers,” he shared. “If I can see that a particular beer (or more) is on tap, that helps me decide which one to visit. Knowing which seasonal or special beers are on tap will help guide my choice of which location to visit, too.”

Want to stay in the draft beer know like these King of the Hill members? Put your clicking fingers to use and start bookmarking your favorite Iron Hill locations and our real-time Beers On Tap pages.

Each of our 10 Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurants in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey feature real-time Beers On Tap pages. Click here to scout out the current beer list at your favorite Iron Hill. Iron Hill specializes in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Make your online reservations after deciding which beers you have to try.

Content provided by Dish Works author Amy Strauss.

04/22/2015  |  Customer Engagement — a Top Priority of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

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by Kevin Finn, President, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Previously published in The New Brewer, a Journal of the Brewers Association

One of the things that I am most passionate about at Iron Hill is creating a culture that understands the importance of customer engagement. What does culture have to do with customer engagement? One of my favorite books on the subject, Human Sigma by John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund, distinguishes between customer satisfaction and emotionally satisfied customers. Customers who have an emotional bond to your product or service are much more likely to return than just satisfied customers because they actually have an emotional, not a rational, attachment. Simply defined, what is customer engagement? Repeated interactions between a customer and a brand that strengthen the emotional investment a customer has with that brand.

So why is customer engagement so important? Because earned media, including word-of-mouth (92%) and online reviews (70%), are still the most influential and trusted form of advertising, according to Neilson’s Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages study. On the flip side, why do consumers abandon a brand? The 2011 RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report found that 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

We incorporate customer engagement into our mission statement and values. It defines our success and allows us to measure how successful we are. So what is our mission? Inspire Loyalty in both our guests and in our staff. We believe that this simple mission will allow us to be successful in both the short term and the long term as we grow our business.

Our three core values are People, Products and Profits, which I often refer to as the Yin and Yang of Iron Hill. The concept talks about how opposite forces are often intertwined and complementary. Unlike a distribution brewery where employees have little or no interaction with their customers, a restaurant’s employees are an integral part of its brand. At Iron Hill, our core value of Products represents our brand and our core value of People represents our culture. If we have a successful brand and culture we will have a growing and profitable company.

Your brand is always an extremely important element of your business strategy. When we started Iron Hill almost 20 years ago, we wanted to create a brand that was different from most of the brewpubs at that time. We not only wanted great beer, but we also wanted fresh, from scratch food and exceptional service. We spent a great deal of time developing our brand so that it was more upscale than most of the brewpubs at that time. This helped us differentiate Iron Hill from our competitors. At the same time, we also understood that our staff was an integral part of our brand. We wanted to create a culture where they were proud of our brand and felt confident in serving our guests products that they felt passionate about.

Our number one marketing strategy at Iron Hill is delivering on our brand promise. A big part of that brand promise is customer service. We spend a great deal of time hiring, training and giving feedback to our employees because it is critical to our success. We then measure our success using our dashboard or balanced scorecard, which incorporates metrics for all three of our core values.

We try to create ways to make our staff brand ambassadors. One of our most successful ventures has been our annual GABF party and trip. Each year we recognize and send one member of the staff from each restaurant to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. They pour beer at our booth and get a real understanding of where our place is in the craft beer industry. They bring back their experiences and share them with other members of our staff. As we all know, this is an extraordinary craft beer experience and this allows them to share that experience not only with their co-workers but also with our guests, continuing our mission of inspiring loyalty.

We also have had great success building engagement using our King of the Hill loyalty or mug club program. The program accounts for almost 20% of our sales and allows us to engage our most frequent and loyal guests. First, the mugs help the staff quickly recognize members. Second, we have exclusive rewards for our members. Finally, we have permission to directly market to them via email. Of course our staff plays a vital role in this program. Besides delivering on our brand promise, they also take the time to engage our members and are also integral in selling memberships to non-members.

Customer feedback is also a big part of building engagement at Iron Hill. One of my favorite books on the subject is A Complaint Is a Gift: Recovering Customer Loyalty When Things Go Wrong by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller. I believe that a customer who takes the time to complain is giving you an opportunity to fix that problem. If you are able to resolve the issue you actually have an opportunity to build long-term customer loyalty. Social media is playing a bigger role in our strategy. We use social media as not only a promotional tool, but also as a way to monitor customer feedback. In both cases we try to respond to guests to build their trust.

Customer engagement starts with ensuring that your staff understands and executes your brand promise. Your staff should be able to engage your guests in a fun way and impart their knowledge to your guests. They are your internal brand ambassadors, inspiring loyal customers! Those customers in turn become brand ambassadors who spread their passion for your brand, using word-of-mouth advertising and social media to their friends and the public. Looking back 20 years ago when we started Iron Hill, my main passion was to create interesting and hard-to-find hand-crafted beers. But today I’m passionate about the people because I know they are the key to our success.

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

04/21/2015  |  New Menu Additions to Enhance Your Iron Hill Experience

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Hungry for something different? As of Wednesday, April 22, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant’s menu will feature a host of brand-new items. Fresh and exciting menu additions include:


3 Cheese Plate and 5 Cheese Plate (pictured above): Indulge in your choice of Shropshire blue, Beemster XO, Servilleta, Weinkase Lagrein and triple cream brie cheeses, complemented by Marsala figs, Marcona almonds, red onion jam, pistachios, focaccia and water crackers.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops: Served with a side of horseradish dipping sauce and lemon.

Blue Crab Quesadilla: Packed with sweet corn, roasted red pepper and poblano rajas, Serrano peppers, cheddar, Monterey jack and cilantro aioli.


Char-Grilled Flank Steak Salad: Brimming with baby arugula, fresh mozzarella, grilled red and yellow peppers, red onion, roasted exotic mushrooms, Pecorino Romano and balsamic vinaigrette.


Pan-Seared Nantucket Sea Scallops (pictured above): Paired with a bed of exotic mushroom risotto, asparagus spears with Pecorino Romano and roasted tomato vinaigrette

Hawaiian-Spiced Ahi Tuna: Served medium-rare with wasabi vinaigrette dressed greens, smashed Yukon gold potatoes and sweet Thai chile sauce.

Petite Filet Mignons: A hearty plateful with sweet corn and crab saute, smashed Yukon gold potatoes, sauteed spinach and Madeira wine sauce.


Warm Chocolate Molten Cake: Decadently partnered with dulce de leche ice cream and fresh berries.

Just for Wednesday

Wednesday’s Meatloaf: If it’s Wednesday, it’s your lucky day! Enjoy this selection from our Brewhouse Favorites menu accompanied by smashed Yukon gold potatoes, buttery peas and carrots and house made gravy—only available on Wednesdays after 5 p.m.

Whether you’re craving something savory or sweet, just a nibble or a whole meal, these new menu additions are sure to satisfy. Ask your server about the perfect Iron Hill beer to pair with each one for the ultimate dining and drinking experience!

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Michele Kornegay.

04/20/2015  |  In the Kitchen with Iron Hill President Kevin Finn

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Our CEO, President and Co-founder Kevin Finn recently threw on his chef’s apron to spend the night working in our Ardmore kitchen. But, this wasn’t the first time that Finn took on culinary pursuits for Iron Hill. And, it won’t be his last.

We tap “Chief” below to reveal what sort of dishes he was cooking up—literally—on a recent Thursday night, how his roles have changed through the years at Iron Hill, and if he’ll be cooking again—very soon.

IHB Blog: You recently accepted Ardmore Head Chef Tim Andrews’ challenge to go behind the line and cook for a night in our kitchen. Can you share your experiences?

Kevin Finn: I’m not sure Tim “challenged” me to cook; he is smarter than that! I was really just an extra set of hands and had two great guys, Terrance and Justin, who showed me the ropes. It was a lot of fun just seeing what they do.

There was no way I was going to keep up with them on a busy Thursday night, but I tried to be helpful and they were very gracious. I made fish and chips, French fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings and helped plate the burgers. It was fun making fish and chips; you have to get the batter just right and drop it in the fryer just right so it does not stick.

This wasn’t your first time cooking on the line—correct? When we first opened Newark, what sort of work responsibilities did you have?

When we opened in Newark, my initial thought was we would be mildly successful, I’d make beer a few times a week and then go on to do something else. Of course, we were wildly successful, particularly on the culinary side, doing twice the food sales that we had anticipated in our first year. But I really can’t take any credit for that. My business partner, Kevin Davies, designed the menu along with our chef Dan Bethard. They both continue to do that to this day.

Once we opened, I quickly became a restaurant manager (and left the brewing to my second business partner, Mark Edelson, and my brother Brian). I spent the first year or so as a manager along with other duties (mostly marketing but also site selection, accounting and finance). Like any new business owner, we all spent a lot more than 40 hours a week in our new jobs. But I never really spent much time in the kitchen those first couple of years. It wasn’t until after we opened our third store in Media (in 2000) that I offered to work in the kitchen—mostly for fun and to show the kitchen employees I respected them for what they did. I did this off and on for a couple years, but it had been a long while.

And, of them all, which role did you enjoy the most?

Over the years, I have tried to spend one day a week in the restaurant. It used to be that I would actually function as a manager on the floor. But to be honest, I probably was not the best. The joke when I worked was that everyone should “batten down the hatches” because I usually gravitated to the host stand and I had a reputation for seating the dining room too fast and overloading (weeding) the kitchen. They eventually barred me from controlling the seating of the restaurants and now I usually talk to guests and help bus tables. I have no problems getting my hands dirty and I really enjoy working with the staff and I think they appreciate it.

So circling back, I’m not nearly as comfortable in the kitchen and when I mentioned to chef Tim about my past experiences in the kitchen, he asked me to do it in Ardmore. So I accepted, not really thinking it was a big deal. Of course, about a dozen managers from around the company came out to cheer me on!

How does being able to fill in at any role of our company make you a stronger restaurant owner?

Wow, there’s no way I could fill in every role—there are many talented people at Iron Hill and they do a great job. I think what is valuable is understanding what they do and what are some of the challenges both short term and long term. You often think of restaurant people turning over, but that often is not the case, particularly in the kitchen. Terrance started in our Media restaurant almost six years ago and Justin has been with us five years this fall. I was extremely impressed by their knowledge and skills and most importantly by how much they care about our products.

How has the food menu evolved at Iron Hill since we opened our first restaurant?

We change the menu twice a year to accommodate changes in seasonal ingredients, but we have made two major changes over the years. Prior to opening our fourth restaurant in Wilmington, all of the menus were slightly different. We decided with the opening in Wilmington that it made sense to have just one menu. The biggest challenge was consistency of our products and it made sense to go to one menu so we could have better control of all our products.

The second big change was when we expanded our menu from about 50 items to the current 80 or more items. We wanted to offer a better breadth of items for our guests.

Can we expect to catch you on the line again soon?

Yes, I plan on working in Ardmore for the next couple Thursdays, and many of the general managers from other stores are requesting that I work in their kitchens as well. I hope to really learn the station in Ardmore and then maybe stop in for a shift in the other restaurants. It should be fun!

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Amy Strauss.

04/10/2015  |  Lust After Iron Hill’s New Oyster Stout

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On Friday, April 10, starting at 5 p.m., our Chestnut Hill head brewer Chris LaPierre will release his first-ever Oyster Stout, cheekily titled Lust. That’s right—he’s concocted a rich English stout that’s been brewed with New Jersey oyster shells.

What’s the full scoop on this exclusive tapping, and what other funky ingredients has he incorporated into his beers over the course of his 12 years with Iron Hill? Brewer “Lappy” uncovers it all below.

Iron Hill Blog: Your Oyster Stout, Lust, hits the taps this Friday. Is this your first time brewing an oyster-infused beer? What makes your version of this style unique?

Chris LaPierre: It is the first time I’ve brewed this beer. This beer was brewed as part of the 7 Deadly Sins beer dinner we did recently in Chestnut Hill. Chef Jared Cannon and I were looking for a beer for the Lust course and something with an aphrodisiac ingredient made sense.

After 17 years of brewing, there’s not much I haven’t brewed, so any time I get an idea for a new style I jump on it. The oysters were Cape May Salt oysters. We wanted to keep it as local as possible.

How does brewing with oysters influence the overall stout? What sort of flavor(s)/aroma(s) do they contribute to the final product?

A lot of people expect to taste oysters, but that’s not really what you get. We actually only used the shells (we ate the oysters!). What we’re looking for is a minerally character from the shells similar to the character you get from brewing with very hard water, as they do in England. The other thing that makes it an “oyster” stout is that it goes great with oysters. The roast and overall body of this beer can stand up to the strong seafood character and briny notes that oysters offer.

You’re no stranger to brewing with interesting, locally sourced ingredients, such as wildflower honey and in-season blueberries. What’s the strangest additive you’ve ever thrown into your beers?

Honestly I’m pretty traditional. I’ve never gone looking for the ingredients no one’s thought to use before. I did brew a beer with fresh kumquats that I was very happy with. The mild bitterness and bright fruity aromas went really nicely with the fruity character from the Belgian yeast we used.

You’re the Iron Hill king of busting out funky sour beers (hello, F.red). Why do you love incorporating wild bacterias into your beers? Of all the funky strains, what is your absolute favorite to work with?

One of the reasons I think beer pairs much better with food than wine is the varieties of flavors you find in beer. When you think about the four flavors the tongue experiences, wine can offer two—sweetness and sourness. Beer has always offered at least three—sweet, sour, and bitter—and with the recent revival of the Gose style, which incorporates salt, it now offers all four. There are plenty of sweet and bitter beers out there, but I think it’s important to cover the whole palate.

My favorite culture to work with is the classic Roeselare blend developed by the Rodenbach Brewery. “Brett” beers are all the rage these days. I like a little Brett, but too much is too much. I prefer the balance and relatively clean sourness the Roeselare offers over the super phenolic and funky characters a lot of Brett strains offer.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane: to date, what’s been your favorite beer to brew with Iron Hill?

I really enjoy brewing dry, yeast-driven Belgians. In fact, my only two gold medal winners (The Cannibal and Saison) can be described that way. I probably take the most pride in my German lagers though. I really appreciate their balance and drinkability and I take pride in them because they’re much harder to brew than Belgians, Stouts or IPAs. There’s much less margin for error.

Last question: how long have you been brewing with the Iron Hill family? In those years, roughly how many beers have you made?

I’ve been with Iron Hill for a little over 12 years now. I’d have to look at our style library and make a list to tell you how many different styles I’ve made. I know I’ve brewed over 1,000 batches since I’ve been with the company, but those of course are not unique styles. I’m confident in saying I’ve brewed well over 100 styles though.

Join brewer Chris for his Lust beer release on Friday, April 10, from 5–8 p.m. at our Chestnut Hill location. King of the Hill Rewards Club members will score a complimentary oyster on half shell small bite with their purchase of Lust.

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Amy Strauss.

04/08/2015  |  Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant: Parent-Tested, Kid-Approved

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For many parents, it is an absolute treat to get a night out sans kids. Parents revel in the opportunity to enjoy a meal without having to get up 20 times to address various needs—filling cups with more milk, obtaining another fork, getting extra ketchup, cutting the crusts off of bread, picking newly acquired forks up off the floor or quickly grabbing a towel to sop up freshly spilled milk.

Parents, you’re probably nodding your heads as you read the above paragraph, knowing all too well the obstacle course that is eating a meal with kids. It’s truly a treat to consume a meal slowly with a side of adult conversation (even though we know you secretly look forward to getting back to your kids at the end of the night).

While it is nice to have an adult night out, it’s not always possible to make it happen. So, parents are left to find a dining establishment that accommodates the wants and needs of both adults and kids. Where does a family go to find quality craft beer for parents, a welcoming atmosphere for kids and menus that satisfy every member of the family?

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, of course!

At Iron Hill, we pride ourselves on being a family’s go-to place to dine out. From the forgiving acoustics of all of our restaurants to the crayon-friendly kid menus, we are a safe and enjoyable haven for families with kids of all ages.

A lot of thought was put into the offerings of our Kids’ Menu to ensure that kids enjoy their meals as much as their parents do. The Kids’ Menu has evolved over the years, with our chefs looking at core menu items and deciding what would translate well into a dish for kids. Over time, Iron Hill has added healthier items, making every effort to keep the Kids’ Menu well-balanced. With the increase in food allergies in recent years, the culinary team has worked hard to adapt the menu to offer a range of options, particularly our kids’ gluten allergy friendly cuisine.

Chef Dan Bethard, Iron Hill’s Assistant Director of Culinary Operations, believes that kids need to have fun during a meal. “I think our kids’ menu is so popular because we have a great selection of entrees, sandwiches and sides,” he says. “Some of our offerings are kid favorites and some are more healthy. Mimicking our core menu, the kids’ menu has something for everyone. The option of side dishes on our menu is unmatched and makes it fun for the kids to choose their favorites. I feel parents appreciate the price point and value they receive. We get really positive feedback on all aspects of our kids’ menu.”

And while parents sip on award-winning craft beer, kids can enjoy our handcrafted root beer! Larry Horwitz, Iron Hill Regional Brewer, reports, “We make the soda as part of an old tradition of birch beer in America. We use natural flavors and 100% cane sugar—no high fructose corn syrup.”

Beyond the atmosphere and food, parents find that Iron Hill is just a great spot to connect with their kids. Jessica Sant, whose local Iron Hill is in Maple Shade, shares how she uses dining out for educational moments. “My best parenting move so far: convincing my daughter that math is a game (we LOVE playing math). My 2nd best parenting move so far: teaching my daughter the awesomeness that is Iron Hill. Every year we let her pick a restaurant for her birthday dinner. She’s 7 now. For the last 4 years she’s chosen Iron Hill!” [Pictured below: a counting game in session.]

For Erica Salinski, a regular at Iron Hill Newark, it’s about comfort. “The reason we prefer Iron Hill over other restaurants is that we feel completely comfortable with both the staff and customers when we bring our three daughters out to dinner. We have never felt that we have been a nuisance. We try to do our part by coming when it’s not so busy and bringing activities for them to do. We’ve done coloring books, Play-Doh and, just recently, games. It keeps them engaged and it’s guaranteed family time. The menu is another big draw. The kids’ menu is not your typical chicken tenders and fries. Iron Hill has lots of healthy items for kids to choose from. I love that my daughters can choose a PB&J (sandwich) with carrot sticks or a cheeseburger with a salad. We hardly ever hear complaints when we tell them we are going to Iron Hill for dinner!” [Pictured below: the Salinskis playing Uno.]

Sounds like it’s time to treat the kids to dinner out at Iron Hill!

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Stephanie Anderson.

04/02/2015  |  5 Iron Hill Beer Releases You Can’t Miss in April 2015

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We’re in the mood to celebrate the warmer, longer days of spring here at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. What better way than with a full roster of April beer releases? Grab those calendars and start penciling in these events:

Together Again—Coffee, Chocolate and Beer

You loved these beers so much, the folks at Iron Hill Voorhees are bringing them back: four of the beers from the recent Café Au Chocolat event will be making a reappearance at the brewery on Thursday, April 2, from 5–7 p.m. Enjoy one last chance to indulge in Coffee Deceiver, our award-winning Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged on freshly roasted coffee from Green Street Coffee; Coffee-aged Titus 2XIPA, an American Double IPA cold aged on mild roast Ethiopian coffee, lending lightly citrus coffee character to hugely citrusy resinous American hops; Chocolate Bourbon Dubbel, an Abbey Dubbel aged in a Bourbon Barrel for three months, then aged on chocolate nibs and vanilla beans; and Bourbon Mocha Russian, our Russian Imperial Stout aged in a bourbon barrel for nine months, then aged on chocolate and coffee.

Batter Up!

Baseball is back. Jump on the Phillies bandwagon and cheer on our favorite boys of summer with our Phightin’ Phils Pils Beer Release. The 5% ABV northern German Pilsner brewed with traditional German noble hops makes its debut at Iron Hill West Chester on Friday, April 3, starting at 3 p.m. King of the Hill (KOTH) members, you’ll get a complimentary house-made crackerjack small bite.

On opening day, Monday, April 6, head to Iron Hill Lancaster, where Phightin’ Phils Phils will start flowing at precisely 3:05 p.m., timed with the opening pitch. KOTH members, hit a home run with complimentary kettle corn.

Later that week, on Friday, April 10, both Iron Hill Media and Iron Hill Maple Shade will be keeping the Phils Pils wave going, releasing the beer from their taps at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., respectively. In Media, KOTH members will be able to enter a raffle for a chance to win Phillies game tickets; Maple Shade mug clubbers will be treated to Unassisted Tripel, on tap exclusively for them.

Unleash Your Wild Side

If you want to bring some sexy back into your life, Iron Hill Chestnut Hill is the place to be on Friday, April 10, from 5–8 p.m. Join the brewery for the release of Lust, our rich English stout with a strong, black malt flavor up front. The 6.8% ABV beauty is brewed with New Jersey oyster shells, which adds a complementary mineral complexity and aphrodisiacal powers (or so they say). KOTH club members, double your pleasure with a complimentary oyster on the half shell small bite.

The Taxman Cometh

Have a few choice words for the government right around now? Get some tax day relief at Iron Hill Maple Shade’s Full Nelson Beer Release on Friday, April 17, from 6–9 p.m. This 7.2% American IPA is hopped with 100% Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand for a fruity, almost-grape aroma and flavor and firm, balancing bitterness. It’s guaranteed to make you feel much better about that return you just filed. KOTH members, enter raffles for a chance to spin the wheel of fortune and win great prizes.

Still Decking the Halls

We’re keeping the spirit of the “saison” going strong at Iron Hill Newark on Thursday, April 23, at the ‘Tis the Saison beer release event. Join the brewery from 4–9 p.m. to celebrate this popular Belgian beer with the release of three classics: Saison, our 6% ABV 2008 GABF gold medal–winning Franco-Belge-style farmhouse ale; Lemon Saison, a classic Franco-Belge-style farmhouse ale steeped with lemon zest and lemon oil; and Coriander-Spiced Saison, a classic Franco-Belge-style farmhouse ale spiced with fresh coriander to accentuate the spicy character with a refreshing finish. KOTH mug club exclusive: complimentary oyster on a half shell with first pint ordered.

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Content provided by Dish Works author Michele Kornegay.